The registration and certification of Births and Deaths constitutes an important function of the city corporation, as well as the country at large. Our current registration systems leave much to be desired in the quality of data collected and the coverage obtained. India, in general, collects very poor data on the Cause of Death, which could be vitally important in medical research and other health and socio-economic studies. Although the Birth and Death Registration Act 1969 states that a first copy of the Birth Certificate is to be issued free of cost it is rarely implemented. The process of Birth/Death registration is still cumbersome and can be streamlined with use of IT technologies.

eGovernments Foundation has partnered with the office of the Registrar General of India in coming up the IT standards for birth/death registration and certification. This includes standardizing data fields, databases schema, XML DTD for data transfer and interfaces to the system. eGov Birth/Death IT module was based on this effort. Karnataka's largest 213 cities are implementing this eGov Birth/Death module with online hospital integration.

You can download the product collateral from here.


Salients Features

  • Easy Birth and Death Registration & Certification
  • Online or offline registration through hospital or registered doctor
  • Automated computer - generated Registration IDs will be issued for each registration
  • Reports of Birth, Death, and Still Born registered and certificates can be generated.
  • National and state registrars office can access local databases of new births/deaths, to analyze adjustments to population.
  • Rich set of Reports on births, cause of death, still borns, parents literacy/education and other demographics.

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